Chinese Birth Gender Predictor Chart
Find out or choose your baby's gender with this awesome tool! 

Known to be fairly accurate (85-92%) for many people, this ancient Chinese birth chart is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. 

Pick the mom's age at conception and the month of conception. Have fun! 
(Entertainment only)

See beneath the chart for another method to predict your baby's gender.
Chinese Birth Chart-Find out the Gender of Your Baby! Choose Gender Boy or Girl!
After you have figured out the sex of the baby, you can try the Circle Test. Get some ear buds, a necklace with a pendant or anything that dangles like that. Hold it over the mom's dominant wrist. Be sure to hold it loosely but don't move it yourself. When it starts to move note that if it moves back and forth it is a boy. If it moves in a circle it is a girl. It will tell you how many children you will have and it will stop at the end when you are done having children. This only works to show live children, not miscarriages. NOTE-This is for entertainment only, but surprisingly accurate. Compare it with the chart and if the two are the same, you will probably have that gender!
Was the birth chart accurate? Yes
No but the circle test was!
Not sure yet
Girl or Boy?

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